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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Advice from the Pros:

Finishing Hardwood Decks

Staining hardwood decks 

Decking and outdoor furniture made of exotic hardwoods (mahogany, ipe or teak, etc.) are uncommonly beautiful--and they require uncommon care. Unlike their more porous cousins (softwoods such as pine, cedar and redwood), hardwoods do not absorb finishes in the usual way. In fact, they don't absorb the usual finishes. If you own hardwood decking or patio furnishings, here are six key tips for their care:

  1. Start with the right finish. We recommend an alkyd stain made especially for hardwoods (Benjamin Moore product 321), a transparent finish designed to bring out the natural colors of the wood. Incorporating a very finely milled pigment, this product will penetrate dense, exotic woods, rather than coating them with a surface film.

  2. Don't over-apply the finish. Hardwood absorbs only so much material--no matter how long you let it soak. This brings us to pitfall #3:

  3. Don't leave excess material standing on the wood. Apply a minimal amount and wait no longer than 15 to 20 minutes; then wipe off the unabsorbed "residue" using a pad or a rag. Any more time, and the finish begins to oxidize and will ultimately fail. This is not a case where more is better.

  4. Maintain a wet edge. Work along the entire length of the board so you can keep a wet edge. You may be able to coat and wipe off two or three boards at a time, as long as you can stay under the 20-minute soak-and-remove time as you go.

  5. Watch the weather. As with applying any outdoor finish, never work in direct sun or extreme heat. Check the forecast and postpone your project if rain is anticipated within 24 hours.

  6. Repeat as needed (every one to two years, depending on the surface's exposure to sun). If the wood has turned gray (a sign of dead wood fibers), you can treat it with a brightener or restorer using the same procedure as for softwoods. Then apply a finish to bring out the wood's natural beauty and color. 


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I agree! Just stumbled upon your paintguru site and it definitely rocks!! get post on refinishing decks!

That is some real nice info! Kind of jealous, we haven't got our blog up and running quite but we're a wood floor staining company in vancouver, BC. However I like the information about the different stages to be gone through before completing the hardwood refinishing.
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