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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Advice from the Pros:

Painting Vinyl Siding and Window Trim

painting vinyl siding and window frames

If you're seeking advice about painting vinyl window frames and trim, you're not alone. This year, thousands of homeowners have replaced older windows with new, energy-efficient models, but many are not happy with the white frames. Sound familiar? The good news is that you're not stuck with white. It's OK to paint vinyl (window frames, shutters, siding or trim) as long as you follow a few rules.

  1. The first consideration is color. Vinyl has the potential to warp when over-heated. This affect is most common on larger areas like siding. Because dark colors absorb heat, it’s important that you select light colored paint. To know which hues are light enough for covering white vinyl, stay with a light-reflectance value (LRV) of 55 or higher. (You'll find LRV numbers on the color fan deck.) Better yet, ask your retailer to see the palette of vinyl-safe colors, which are reformulated with less of the darker pigments. And if your vinyl is not white, and you want to change the color, you can choose an LRV of less than 55--just be sure to not use a color darker than the vinyl's original hue.

  2. Proper preparation is the other key. New vinyl has no factory finish to remove, but its smooth surface needs a light sanding with 220 grit to give it some tooth. Clean away the sanding dust and apply a coat of Fresh Start All Purpose Primer (023), which gives the paint film an even better surface to grab on to. Follow with a coat of exterior waterborne finish such as Aura (634) or any good-quality latex or acrylic paint.

painting vinyl siding

There's hope for older vinyl, too. Here are some added considerations to ensure success in refreshing aging vinyl siding:

  1. Over time, vinyl loses its sheen and becomes chalky (usually an aesthetic issue rather than a maintenance requirement). Remove this by power washing before painting. Best way is to start up high and work down, making sure to aim the spray at a downward angle.

  2. If you see signs of mildew (common on older vinyl because of its rough surface), clean with an all-purpose cleaner or a bleach solution. Always protect yourself and surrounding areas when using bleach. Rinse thoroughly.

  3. Once the surface is dry, prime and finish as described above. As with any exterior painting, proper preparation and fair (and dry) weather are important for good results and long-term durability.


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What is that black roof trim in the picture above with the white house?

Hmmm.. Vinyl sidings are the barrier of your house against bad weather conditions so it is best to have it coated with quality paint. White paint is usually recommended, as it allows of less heat absorption. I’ve used light blue for my sidings, and I usually repaint it once every year. I think that's a good life span for it.

I really to paint my siding, but someone told me its not safe to paint vinyl siding. After reviewing your share, i am clear with what precaution i have to take in case when i paint my siding..

You are definitely correct regarding on what you are saying. Your tips are very helpful. They tins manage portrayal their windows on their own.

Great tips! In my own experience, the primer is the most crucial part of the paint. It allows for a flatter coat and protects the color paint against direct contact with the vinyl. It is wise to invest on a good primer, same as investing on good paint.

@Russ - AZEK can be painted however is still subjected to warping when painted with colors darker than the original color of the material or color with a light reflective value lower than 55. Tudor Brown has an LRV of only 3.7, therefore the AZEK will absorb heat and potentially could cause warping. A very similar color in our Vinyl Safe palette would be 2134-10 (night horizon)

I used Azak trim on my ouse and wish to paint it Tudor Brown. What paint do you suggest I use in the BM family?

Nice going there guys! Do you mind if we quote/reference you sometime? We'll be re-blogging wood floor restoration info fairly regularly. And I really like the information provided in your blog regarding all the important things needed to complete a work like this.

I always love to change the color of my vinyl sidings. Paint is also necessary for them. I used to repaint my vinyl sidings after one year.

Vinyl sidings are important, as they protect your house from harsh weather. I don't know that paint colors are important for your vinyl sidings. Following this, however, will help in maintaining them.

Like others, I am a type that loves to play with colors. But when it comes to vinyl siding, I prefer light blue shades like turquoise which makes a white room very refreshing and cozy. My house in St. Louise is small, but with light colors and with dark pop-up color, it creates an illusion of space. Also remember that, when playing with colors, one should not overdo it, to give life to it.

Great info! I never thought I could paint the vinyl trim.

You are definitely correct regarding on what you are saying. Your tips are very helpful. They can manage painting their windows on their own.

Wow! That was definitely a good paint color combination. It really fits the design and style of the house. It looks so harmless to the eye of the beholder unlike some other painted house that seemed to be a cake or candy with its very decorative and over painted color.

This is really great information. Up to now I've been telling my customers they shouldn't paint there vinyl windows. Who says you can't teach an old dog (or painter) new tricks?

Follow up to last posting—Tudor Brown is an available exterior color choice. MoorGlo, as well as our exterior Aura® House paints may be tinted to match Tudor Brown. Consult the vinyl trim manufacturer in regards to what colors can be applied to this particular vinyl substrate.

The best choice for fiberglass and Fypon substrates would be a 100% acrylic primer such as our 023 Fresh Start® 100% Acrylic All Purpose Primer. As well, this primer could also be used on properly prepared wood surfaces. This primer is a suitable foundation for all of our exterior house paints including alkyd/oil based coatings.

AZEK trimboards do not require paint for protection. However, AZEK products may be painted to achieve a custom color or appearance.

Prime with our 023 Fresh Start All Purpose 100% Acrylic Primer and topcoat with an exterior trim paint such as N096 Moorglo Acrylic Soft Gloss House Paint. The paint coating system is only suggested for use with paint colors that offer a light reflectance value of 54 or above. According to AZEK literature, For darker colors (LRV of 54 or lower), paints specifically designed for such applications must be used.

Benjamin Moore & Co. recommends that you paint vinyl trim in a shade no darker than the original. Whites, off-whites, pastels and other very light colors are good choices. A premium quality house paint such as Benjamin Moore's® N096 MoorGlo House Paint is the best type of paint to use on vinyl siding, because the superior flexibility of the paint film enables it to withstand the stress of expansion and contraction cycles caused by outdoor temperature changes.

On the other hand, when painting a cement based substrate such as Hardiboard, the color you choose is not an issue as it will not hae the same effect and warping will not occur if the siding is installed according to the manufacturer.

Certain colors, due to the colorants used, are not recommended for exterior use. As well, there are certain colors that are Not Available due to the fact they will fade when exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun. For colors that are not recommended or Not available, we offer similar, alternative color choices. For further assistance, please consult your local Benjamin Moore retailer.

We have an old house - built in 1903. We're about to have new hardiboard siding and vinyl trim (AND new windows) put on our house. I want the old wood trim and the new vinyl trim to be a kind of light to medium choclatey tan - a latte-type color. The BM aura paints say not to use a color darker than the original color which is white. On the site, you're directed to Moorglo paint and the color closest to what I want in that is Tudor Brown. It's too dark so 1) I'm wondering if that type of paint can be mixed to get my ideal color and 2) would I have to use one of the Aura paints for the wood or can Moorglo be used on wood effectively? Please help because I don't want to spend all this money and not have the color I want on trim. I've already had to compromise the "regional" colors available with hardiplank and the virtual lack of any distinctive color available for our vinyl windows and I'm hard pressed to sacrifice my trim color on top of all that.

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