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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Advice from the Pros:

Applying Stain to Your Deck


Now that your deck is clean, dry, and maybe even stripped, it's ready to accept stain.

Pro Tip: Allow any dew that may have accumulated overnight to evaporate before staining. Moisture content of the wood should be below 15%. Your retailer may rent or sell moisture meters.

To achieve the most even covering, tackle the entire floor surface at one time or on the same day. Start at the side next to the house and apply the finish to a full length of two or three boards (at most) at a time, evenly and without stopping to prevent lap marks (i.e., going over an area that has already been coated and building up color unevenly). Most stains can be applied by brush, roller, pad or spray. Spray and roller application is the most effective method but it must be followed by back brushing. This works best with two people, one rolling and one back brushing. If you're staining spindles and railings, do it prior to staining the deck--and be sure to protect the deck with a drop cloth.

Pro Tip: Avoid working in direct sunlight--the heat of strong sun force dries your finish too quickly and prevents it from penetrating properly. You can also use Benjamin Moore 518 Extender to slow down the process and give you a little more working time.

With Arborcoat Translucent, Transparent and Semi Transparent you can start using and enjoying your deck the next day. For semi-solid and solid stains, allow the deck to dry for 48 hours before putting furniture and other items back, and before allowing heavy foot traffic (weather permitting--high humidity means longer drying times). Then stand back to admire your hard work. The good news is if you've done it right and taken the time to prepare and stain correctly you'll enjoy your deck for years. 

Don't forget that all decks require maintenance, which we'll talk about in our next blog.


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Gracias por este maravilloso sitio. Me gusta mucho la forma en que hizo hincapié en su punto de vista de la derecha here.i aprendido mucho y puedo obtener muchos conocimientos al leer esto.

Thanks for all of the information on staining. I think that staining decks or any wood surface is a bit of a grey area for most.

another great deck post!! thanks!

Really great tips for staining the deck or wood floors. Thanks for the article and advice. I think that staining is a bit of of a mystery for most people.

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