Friday, April 23, 2010

Surfactant Leaching

A blotchy appearance specific to exterior latex coatings. Surfactants are detergent-like materials used in formulating the paint, which under normal conditions naturally evaporate as the paint film weathers. Also known as streak staining and water spotting, the condition typically corrects itself, disappearing within a month or so of painting. Its occurrence shouldn't affect the paint's durability.

Surfactant leaching  


  • Natural moisture, such as mist or dew, dried on the surface of the paint shortly after the paint dried.
  • Paint was applied in cool, humid conditions--or just before a rain storm.
  • Dark-colored paint, made with large quantities of pigment, was used.

What to do:

  • Have patience. The surfactant stains will wash/weather away in a few weeks.


I'm so glad it will just wash away in a few weeks, I was getting a little worried.

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa (532 line) has a Surfactant inhibitor

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